Brief van prokureur Noble / Letter from attorney Noble

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Brief gedateer 9 November 1868 van ‘n prokureur, Alexander Noble aan a2.b7.c8. Olivier Johannes Gerhardus Cornelis Henning *1-12-1834 namens Olivier se ma, Gerbreg Leviena Henning (gebore Olivier)

Letter dated 9 November 1868 by attorney Alexander Noble to a2.b7.c8. Olivier Johannes Gerhardus Cornelis Henning *1-12-1834 on behalf of Olivier’s mother Gerbreg Leviena Henning (born Olivier)

Getranskribeerde brief | Transcribed letter

AliwalNorth 9November1868

O Henning Esq Dear Sir I am instructed by your mother, mrs G Henning to inform you that she does not require your services any longer in the estate of her grandfather and she hereby cancels and annuls all instructions or powers of what ever nature in said estate. I have the honour to be Your obedient servant Alexander Noble For mrs G Henning

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